Do I have to stay during lessons?

All parents are required to stay in the pool area during lessons. It is also suggested that parents stay afterwords to hear notes on how their child is progressing.


What is the schedule for lessons?

This depends on demand. For group lessons, I suggest using one of the two following models: 2 lessons a week for two weeks OR 4 lessons a week (Mond.-Thurs) for 2 weeks. The schedule is flexible however and I am comfortable working around your families schedule. Lessons will primarily be given in the mornings.


What are the levels for?

The levels are an easy way to evaluate swimmers. It separates different topics so no child is overwhelmed.


I have multiple children that need lessons. Can they be in the same group lesson?

This depends on their levels of swimming. If you have a preschooler and a level 4 a lesson I would not suggest combining their lessons. Each level learns different steps and strokes. Combing 2 levels often leaves one child bored or the other child struggling. (If you are really concerned email me about your children’s levels and we can working something out)


Floaties, Flippers, and Goggles?

When a child enters a lesson they will be required to take off all floaties and flippers. Floaties lead children to feel dependent on the support and often, they end up scared to swim without them. If your child needs assistance swimming I am happy to help them. Goggles are encouraged!!


Where are Swim Lessons Held?

They will either be held at my neighborhood pool in Brentwood or I am happy to drive to you. If you have a neighborhood pool or a backyard pool I am happy to teach there. (Note: If it is farther than 20min. from my house a small fee will be charged)


What about rain?

Swim lessons will be canceled if thunder/lightning has occurred within 30min. of the lesson. I am happy to re-shedule or refund your money for that lesson. When you register a phone number is required and a text or call will be sent to that phone in the case of a cancelation.


What if I can’t make it one week?

If you let me know before hand I am happy to re-shedule your lesson. No shows will not be re-shceduled or refunded.



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